Static S3 Website with CICD - Walkthrough

We have developed a Terraform module for AWS which provisions a static website that: is serverless, enforces SSL, encrypts data at rest and in transit, is globally distributed, supports restricting access to website by IP, sets up nice DNS entries, deploys new changes when commits are pushed to a CodeCommit branch, clears the CloudFront cache after deployments, sends notifications on successful and failed deploys, supports site generation frameworks like Hugo or Jekyll, supports URLs of subdirectories that do not have index.html specified, supports custom error pages, and supports debug mode. Check it out!

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Case Study: Complete Recycling

The Complete Recycling Customer Portal is a business application that allows Complete Recycling’s customers to submit requests for service, then connects those requests to service providers. The Complete Recycling Customer Portal manages the lifecycle of the customer’s service requests, from scheduling to fulfillment and invoicing. The Complete Recycling Customer Portal also integrates with Complete Recycling’s accounting solution to sync invoices and other accounting transactions.

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Case Study: J1SIM Cards

The J1SIM Cards web application is an eCommerce platform that allows users to order phone sim cards, activate, and manage their wireless services. Ordinary Experts worked with J1SIM Cards to create a platform which would allow the reliable deployment and management of their infrastructure and automate the build and release of their application.

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