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What is the Ordinary Experts' Jitsi Pattern?

The Ordinary Experts' Jitsi Pattern is an open-source AWS CloudFormation template that offers an easy-to-install AWS infrastructure solution for quickly deploying Jitsi Meet, using AWS best practices. The template makes it easy to spin up a production-ready, full-featured infrastructure ready Jitsi Meet server in the AWS cloud, allowing both customization of the interface and locking down the service to a range of IP addresses.

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Jitsi Pattern Setup Walkthrough

First, head over to our AWS Marketplace Product Page - it looks like the below, and click on 'Continue to Subscribe':
You'll see a page describing the terms and pricing - review this info and then click 'Accept Terms':
AWS will start to process the subscription:
After a few minutes you will be able to continue by clicking 'Continue to Configuration':
Select the region you would like to deploy to and click 'Continue to Launch':
Review the launch details and click 'Launch':
This will drop you into your AWS account, in the CloudFormation Create Stack wizard, with our product info filled in - click 'Next':
Now fill in the name of the stack and parameters. It is important that the Jitsi Hostname is in the Hosted Zone and that the Hosted Zone is already setup:
Next you can add tags and other standard CloudFormation options:
Finally, acknowledge that the stack will create IAM resources and click 'Create stack':
The stack will start to create, follow along on the 'Events' tab:
After about 10 minutes, the stack should complete. Click on the 'Outputs' tab:
Here you see some outputs from the stack, including the JitsiUrl. Click on the Value of JitsiUrl:
And here we have our running Jitsi Meet server!
Hello, World!: