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Comprehensive, production-ready AWS cloud hosting for Mastodon at the click of a button

What is the Ordinary Experts' Mastodon Pattern?

The Ordinary Experts' Mastodon Pattern is an open-source AWS CloudFormation template that offers an easy-to-install, production-ready AWS infrastructure solution for deploying Mastodon.

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Some features:

  • Recent Mastodon Version
  • AutoScaling via EC2 Auto Scaling Groups
  • SSL via AWS Application Load Balancers and AWS Certificate Manager
  • SES for emails
  • S3 for User-Uploaded Files
  • Elasticache Redis for Caching
  • OpenSearch Service for Search
  • Logs aggregated into AWS CloudWatch Logs
  • Aurora Postgresql
  • Remote Access to EC2 Instances provided by AWS Session Manager

To learn more, check out the source code behind this pattern at GitHub.