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What is the Ordinary Experts' Drupal Pattern?

The Ordinary Experts Drupal Pattern is an open-source AWS CloudFormation template that offers an easy-to-install AWS infrastructure solution for quickly deploying a Drupal project, using both AWS and Drupal best practices. The template makes it easy to spin up a production-ready, full-featured infrastructure ready to host scalable Drupal app in the AWS cloud.

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Drupal Architecture

Ordinary Experts Drupal Patterns Topology Diagram

Drupal Architecture

Automatically configured to support auto-scaling through AWS Autoscaling Groups, our solution leverages an EFS file system to share user generated content between application servers. We support multiple availability zones using an RDS Aurora MySQL cluster and Amazon's integrated options to distribute infrastructure. Additionally, our solution includes a CodePipeline which actively monitors a deployment location on AWS S3 making continuous integration and deployment throughout your infrastructure easy.

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See our stack in practice

Ordinary Experts worked with Complete Recycling to re-implement their legacy Customer Portal as a Drupal 8 web application hosted on AWS instead of their on-premise data center. For details on how we helped Complete Recycling move to their custom stack, check out the case study on our blog.

Ordinary Experts helped us modernize our customer portal and move from our on-premise environment to AWS. They worked with our team to define our requirements and then worked closely with our IT department throughout the migration. Now that we are in AWS with our new platform, we are able to develop faster with less cost. We recommend Ordinary Experts to anyone working with AWS.

—  Kevin Flynn, CEO of Complete Recycling, LLC

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