About Ordinary Experts

Ordinary Experts was founded in 2015 by Dylan Vaughn. Since its beginning, Ordinary Experts has strived to provide an environment where talented engineers could do their best work for great clients. Initially we took on all types of custom application development projects, but as time went on we started to focus more on AWS infrastructure automation and management. We are an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS.

We all love technology, but we also love forging strong relationships with clients. We typically act as a part of the team for our clients, providing both tactical implementation work as well as strategic input on how to best adopt cloud technology. We focus mainly on open source technologies but have experience with many proprietary solutions in the DevOps space as well.

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Dylan Vaughn

Dylan Vaughn is CEO and Founder of Ordinary Experts. After graduating from Stanford University in 1999 with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems, Dylan co-founded an internet start-up as CTO. After raising venture capital, building a team of twelve and launching a product, his start-up was acquired by Boston-based Student Advantage in 2000. After working in Boston for a few years, Dylan relocated to San Diego, leading software teams for several SaaS companies and digital agencies.

Dylan started working with AWS in 2008, building scalable infrastructures for companies like MTV, YouTube, and Hasbro. Dylan also has built several SaaS products on AWS. Dylan founded Ordinary Experts in early 2015 to help companies innovate and grow on AWS.

When not working on infrastructure automation, Dylan enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, developing open-source robots for people with disabilities as part of Robomakery, helping to run the San Diego Robotics Club, sailing in Mission Bay with Challenged Sailors San Diego, and playing pool at his local pub.

Dylan Vaughn

Founder, CEO, Technical Lead