WafCharm Implementation

April 19, 2023

WafCharm and Ordinary Experts Logos

Ordinary Experts has partnered with Cyber Security Cloud Inc. to offer an implementation service for their WafCharm product, a cutting-edge solution that automates the operation and management of AWS WAF.

WafCharm is an add-on product to AWS WAF designed to manage AWS WAF from a wide range of attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other common vulnerabilities. Its advanced machine learning algorithms and behavioral analytics enable it to detect and mitigate new and emerging threats in real-time.

By combining the capabilities of Ordinary Experts and WafCharm, clients will benefit from a complete web application security solution that is both effective and easy to manage.

For more information on WafCharm: https://www.wafcharm.com/

Contact us to discuss how we can install WafCharm in your AWS environment.