Case Study: Complete Recycling

December 19, 2019

Case Study: Complete Recycling


The Complete Recycling Customer Portal is a business application that allows Complete Recycling’s customers to submit requests for service, then connects those requests to service providers. The Complete Recycling Customer Portal manages the lifecycle of the customer’s service requests, from scheduling to fulfillment and invoicing. The Complete Recycling Customer Portal also integrates with Complete Recycling’s accounting solution to sync invoices and other accounting transactions.


Complete Recycling’s legacy Customer Portal was initially developed in an old web framework which was no longer being developed. This made it difficult to add new features to the Customer Portal. Because it was difficult to add new features, there were manual processes that had been developed to run parts of the Complete Recycling business that could have been done by the Portal. Complete Recycling wanted to automate a lot of these manual steps with the new Customer Portal. Additionally, Complete Recycling was hosting the Customer Portal in their on-premise data center but wanted to move it to a cloud provider for a lower TCO and greater agility.

Proposed Solution

Ordinary Experts worked with Complete Recycling to re-implement the legacy Customer Portal as a Drupal 8 web application hosted on AWS. The updated Customer Portal is deployed with the use of Infrastructure as Code that makes the update and release of new infrastructure updates quick and reliable. Parameterized CloudFormation templates and Terraform modules provision the components of the Complete Recycling infrastructure (VPC and related networking, EC2 Autoscaling Groups, MySQL Aurora, and application specific configuration) Then, utilizing Bitbucket pipelines, CodePipelines were created that listen to specific branches on the repository triggering releases to development and production environments upon code merges to the respective branch. For added reliability CloudWatch alarms monitor the logs and send email alerts within specific condition sets to notify developers and platform administrators to critical conditions.

AWS Services

  • EC2
  • CloudWatch Logs
  • EFS
  • Route 53
  • RDS (MySQL Aurora)
  • CodePipeline
  • CodeBuild
  • CodeDeploy
  • CloudFront

3rd Party Services

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Bitbucket


Through the launch of the re-developed Customer Portal and infrastructure automation Complete Recycling has been able to rapidly deploy environments for both production and preprod workloads. Ordinary Experts migrated Complete Recycling off of their on-premise data center for this application and integrated with their back-office solutions. Ordinary Experts continues to support Complete Recycling with the addition of new features and infrastructure updates.

Application Architecture

Complete Recycling AWS Diagram