AWS Service Delivery - Migration

April 21, 2020

Ordinary Experts AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Migrate your workloads to AWS

When migrating existing on-premise applications to AWS, there is an opportunity to improve their reliability and maintanability by using an Infrastructure as Code approach to the migration.

What does it mean to use an Infrastructure as Code approach to migrate a workload to AWS?

At a high-level, it means that:

  • All infrastructure components are developed as modules of templates and other artifacts
  • Infrastructure modules are managed in source control repositories and released with version tags
  • All deployed workloads are composed of instances of the modules, with different configurations
  • Both infrastructure and application updates are deployed via pipelines
  • Deployment state of workloads is tracked over time, either in source control repositories or specialized tools

Practically, this means that when using this approach, instead of using the AWS Console to provision and configure resources, all resources are deployed via the AWS API and automated pipelines.

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