New PeerTube AWS Marketplace Product

August 19, 2023

Introducing Ordinary Experts’ New AWS Marketplace Product for PeerTube!

Ordinary Experts, a pioneering AWS DevOps consulting company, is thrilled to announce the release of our innovative AWS Marketplace product designed exclusively for PeerTube.

What Is PeerTube?

PeerTube is a decentralized, open-source video hosting platform. Unlike traditional platforms, PeerTube empowers individuals and organizations to host their video content in a decentralized way, without relying on single, large corporate providers.

Key Features of PeerTube:

  • Decentralized Hosting: Content is distributed across various servers, ensuring resilience and accessibility.
  • Open Source: Modify and tailor PeerTube to suit your specific needs.
  • Federated Structure: Share content across different PeerTube instances, enhancing collaboration and reach.

Our Custom Solution: A Closer Look

Our AWS Marketplace product integrates a custom AMI and CloudFormation template, crafted with these unique features:

  • FFMPEG 6 Integration: Utilizing the latest FFMPEG version, our product supports AWS Graviton instances for faster transcoding, ensuring high-quality video processing at unmatched speeds.
  • Scalable Architecture: Designed with scalability in mind, our product easily accommodates your growth, providing consistent performance.
  • Easy Deployment: With our CloudFormation template, deployment is a breeze, allowing for quick setup and launch.

Get Started Now!

Unlock the potential of decentralized video hosting with Ordinary Experts’ PeerTube solution. Visit our AWS Marketplace listing to explore more details and begin your journey to a more flexible, efficient, and autonomous video hosting experience today! Visit the AWS Marketplace and launch PeerTube with Ordinary Experts!

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