New version 1.3.0 of WordPress Bedrock AWS Marketplace Product

January 24, 2022

New WordPress Bedrock AWS Marketplace Product Version 1.3.0

We recently released a new version, 1.3.0, of our WordPress Bedrock Marketplace product which includes the following enhancements:

  • Lifecycle management support for EFS
  • AWS Backup support for EFS
  • Parameterize RDS backup retention period
  • Use common make targets
  • Parameterize WordPressEnv
  • Patch base OS
  • Upgrade CDK to 1.137.0
  • Upgrade oe-patterns-cdk-common to 2.0.2
  • Upgrade devenv nodejs to 14.x
  • Upgrade taskcat to 0.9.29
  • Upgrade default WP Bedrock install to 5.8

Diff of 1.3.0 vs previous release 1.2.0

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