Welcome Julian Rosenthal!

May 13, 2019

Julian Rosenthal joins as a Software Engineer!

Julian graduated in 2004 from California State University San Marcos with a master’s degree in Computer Science. He had spent time in the industry before then, but has always found his way back to academia at some point in his career. He’s fascinated by Programming Languages in general, partially because of their logical correctness, but also as a means for providing a platform to express structures, logic, concepts and flow.

Julian spent over a decade working at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. While there, he developed a knack for build systems and coding in python. His experience quickly spanned from build systems to creating tools for enabling build and test automation; he loves working with CI/CD tools like Jenkins and transferring these concepts to the cloud. He currently holds three AWS certifications and plans on attaining more.

When not at work Julian loves to spend time with his family, surfing, playing drums or playing soccer with his kids.