Ordinary Experts achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

January 4, 2019

Ordinary Experts becomes AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Today we have been recognized as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, the third of four tiers in the AWS Partner Program. Getting to the Advanced Tier was one of our company goals for 2018 and I am very proud of the hard work of my team has put in in order to achieve that goal.

To become an Advanced Partner, we had to demonstrate that we can handle the most complicated AWS setups - we showed that through customer references and AWS Professional certifications. We also had to prove that we were helping to drive AWS’s growth by meeting benchmarks for AWS revenue that we generated, both directly and through the work we do with our clients.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with AWS and our clients to innovate on how software is delivered. The DevOps scene is still evolving, with new tools and approaches constantly being developed. We all feel fortunate to work in such an important industry, where real value can be created through software, and where infrastructures are helping company deliver more value faster than ever before.

– Dylan