Welcome Bryan Konowitz!

April 23, 2018

Bryan Konowitz joins as a Tech Lead!

Having spent more than a decade architecting and implementing intricate software systems, designing products from the ground up while leading teams as a CTO, and consulting across many startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, Bryan has cultivated an excellent toolbox to hit the ground running in any project. Working across a large breadth of business domains, from entertainment to healthcare, finance to customer service, gaming to manufacturing, and many more allows him to relate to the business needs and identify a pragmatic path to delivery.

That experience has lead to his philosophy that whatever the problem, simple or complex, technology needs to be a supporting role. While he enjoys coming up with impressive feats of engineering just as much as the next programming geek, at the end of the day the real satisfaction is in successfully delivering a solution. After all, how can you solve the world’s problems if you’re never getting your projects out into the wild?

When not working on client projects, Bryan is contributing to open source, spending time poolside with his wife and two kids to avoid the desert heat, and cheering on the hometown Vegas Knights.