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A sampling of our current skills.

Web Application Development

Let us help you build your online application. We have expertise in many open-source frameworks and libraries, e.g. Meteor, Rails, Drupal, Sinatra, Pyramid, Dropwizard, Symfony, AngularJS, jQuery, Google Closure Library, and Bootstrap.

DevOps & AWS

Streamline your development process with git-flow and Jenkins, automate your infrastructure with Chef, and deploy to AWS at scale with Asgard. Share lightweight containers with Docker and create fully-baked AMIs for production with Packer.


Open-source tools like Arduino, ROS (Robot Operating System) and OpenCV, along with advances in manufacturing like 3D printing, are positioning Personal Robotics as the next distruptive technology. Our team can help you catch this wave.


We value transparency, honesty, and doing great work with great people.

  • February 1946

    ENIAC Unveiled

    ENIAC, the first electronic general-purpose, Turing-complete computer is unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • October 1969

    ARPANET Connected

    The first two nodes of what would become the ARPANET were interconnected between UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science and SRI International (SRI) in Menlo Park, California.

  • September 1991

    Linux Released

    Linux, a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant operating system was released to the public, paving the way for open-source projects to come.

  • January 2015

    Ordinary Experts Launches

    Ordinary Experts launches in San Diego, CA to help start-ups and enterprises make the most out of the latest technology.

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Our Team

Friendly, creative, knowledgeable, humble.

Aaron Carlton

Technical Lead

Ben Eggleston

Project Management Lead

Dillon McCusker

Software Engineer

Dylan Vaughn

Founder, Managing Director, Technical Lead

Ordinary Experts is based in Southern California.

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